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Good Monster Movie – DEEP RISING

DEEP RISING is an unapologetically schlocky good time

Believe it or not, before he got swept up in the Mummy tragedy/trilogy, the Van Helsing debacle and the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra putrescence, Stephen Sommers actually made a fun little monster movie that – while not essential – is nevertheless pretty enjoyable. In fact this movie has a lot going for it, mainly that it doesn’t take itself too seriously and that it unabashedly borrows cliches from the classics: I mean, this is literallyDie Hard on a boat with Aliens.” Treat Williams does a great job summoning up his inner Han Solo, Famke Janssen has never looked better in an assortment of wet T-shirts and dresses, and there’s some genuinely funny comic relief by Kevin J O’Connor, before his schtick went south along with Mr. Sommers’ career. Who knows, if Sommers hadn’t joined Paul WS Anderson and Michael Bay’s school of “f-*k story” filmmaking, he may have made a decent genre filmmaker one day, somewhere along the lines of a David Twohy (some of you bastards are snickering out there). But anyways, check this movie out to see what could have been- and pay special attention to the ending, which presages a certain TV show about lost islands… if you get my meaning. I’m talking about LOST. Did you get it? Guess I ruined it then.

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