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NINJA IN THE DRAGON’S DEN is ninja shenanigans at their finest.

This is one wild movie courtesy of Corey Yuen, who’s been action choreographing and/or directing just about every action movie out of Hollywood lately. It’s also one of the top 5 ninja movies ever made, a classic that mixes over the top ninja antics with Chinese Kung Fu to tell the tale of 2 rivals who must join forces to avenge their common master. Right off the bat we get some priceless “ninja is magic” moments – ninjas disappearing underground, running around and doing ninja stuff, set to a cheesy 80’s rock ballad about ninjas. And it only gets better from there, with some inventive stilt fighting (guys on stilts in hand to hand combat) and a ninja assassination attempt at a watermill. The level of Kung Fu action is consistently high, thanks to Hiroyuki (Henry) Sanada, a disciple of Sonny Chiba’s (who recently made an appearance on LOST), and Conan Lee, a Jackie Chan lookalike who at one time was touted as the next big thing. The movie’s pace is nice and breezy, the melodrama well balanced with some actual humor, and for a grand finale we get Hwang Jang Lee, the leg fighting bad ass from several Jackie Chan movies (including Drunken Master), who plays a devout wizard with supernatural powers and one glaring weakness… which constitutes the unforgettable cherry on top of this delicious movie.

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