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Great Forgotten Comedy Classic – WHAT A WAY TO GO!

WHAT A WAY TO GO! is a one woman (and 6 man) show!

If you need a date night movie which satisfies the film lover in you, this is it. The tale of a bewitched woman whose supernatural luck happens to be her curse: every man she falls in love with becomes tremendously successful, much to the detriment of the relationship. What sets this movie apart is that every relationship is told through a different cinematic genre: black and white silent film, lavish technicolor romantic epic, quirky musical, artsy new wave, etc. And while in 1964 this fractured narrative was ahead of its time, today’s audiences will find it easy to keep up with, and tremendously engaging. J Lee Thomspson directs, Edith Head’s costumes are mind boggling, but Shirley Maclaine truly steals the show – there’s never been a more talented, more effortlessly beautiful actress put to film. She taps into the same magic she had in Billy Wilder’s The Apartment, and within the multiple genres on display proves herself to be the consummate muse, whether vamping it up alongside Paul Newman as a hip Parisian a’la Anna Karina or dancing alongside Gene Kelly like Cyd Charisse. You can’t watch this movie and not fall in love with her. You just can’t.

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