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Animation Devastation – THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE

THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE is a colorful trip into a world of sound and spectacle.

Now this is a film that proves cartoons can achieve high art. An animation showcase, The Triplets Of Belleville hypnotizes you with over the top character design and streamlined storytelling. Told with little to no dialogue, the film is carried by music and perfect sound selection. A loving grandmother has her grandson taken from her and she will stop at nothing to get him back. Sounds simple, I know, but the results are staggering. Screenplay, storyboards, and graphic design were all masterfully created by director Sylvain Chomet. And not a single frame is wasted. Here is a talent in top form, and a man lucky enough to find an animation team to realize his vision and turn his renderings into the stuff of legend. And for the purists out there – there is some 3-D animation on hand, but before you run for the hills let me assure you that it is tastefully done. Now that that’s out of the way, let me stress that 95% of this cartoon is good-ol’-fashion hand-drawn magnificence, on par with the work of legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki and rivaling the magic of early Disney. Fall into this one and feel like you did when you first fell in love with cartoons.

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