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Great Polish Sci Fi – SEXMISSION

SEXMISSION is a testament to what you can do with a clever concept tailored to your budget.

Seksmisja, or Sexmission (1984), is a cult Polish comedy that tells the tale of two bumbling scientists who volunteer to be hibernated for a 3 year experiment only to awaken 50 years in the future, after a mysterious nuclear war has wiped out the world’s male population. Finding themselves prisoners in an underground society run by women, their best-case scenario turns worst-case when the ruling matriarch judges that they are to be either killed or “naturalized” through castration. This nowadays-familiar plot (courtesy of Futurama among others) feels fresh in the hands of director Juliusz Machulski, who explores universal themes of totalitarianism and blind obedience in a subversive criticism of the Polish regime of the time. In tone and production values the movie recalls John Carpenter’s Dark Star, Woody Allen’s Sleeper, and the BBC series Red Dwarf, and fans of those works and of dystopian fiction in general will find it a rewarding experience. There’s plenty of humor, ample nudity, a fantastic twist in the third act, and a final freeze-frame that rivals the 400 Blows for the most memorable in film history. And curiously enough, though the only on-line trailer I could find has audio issues, a simple search will yield the entire film, complete with English subs!

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