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Great Scenes – YOUNG MASTER

Watch the incredible Wang In Sik, one of the world’s greatest Hapkido martial artists, in Jackie Chan’s 1980 classic, Young Master. In this scene we find him playing a vicious criminal released by his gang of cohorts (including Fung Hak On and a mohawked Lee Hoi San of 36 Chambers of Shaolin fame). Check out all those zooms! I think that means he’s pissed! All he wanted was a drink of water!!! Now you’re gonna pay! And while you’re at it, you should watch the target=”_blank”>entire movie, especially the final fight, in which Sik manipulates Jackie through several bone-shattering hand locks as if he were a puppet – a 10 minute thing of beauty, easily one of the greatest one-on-one fights in movie history.

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