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From the bombastic tautology of the title (wouldn’t Termination by its very nature be Fatal?) to it’s perilous stunts, this 1990 outing directed by Wah Yeung and starring genre mainstays Philip Ko, Simon Yam, and the beautiful Moon Lee is Hong Kong action in its heyday, when everyone in the business was trying to rush out and get themselves killed while capturing the most stupefying stunt ever caught on screen, often from multiple camera angles. Well, the filmmakers on Fatal Termination have topped everyone, by the following logic – if we can’t do it bigger or better than Jackie Chan, we’ll do it cuter – by throwing a terrified little girl into the mix. Notice the Coke can prominently displayed in what has to be the most misguided product placement ever: “Coca Cola: we fully endorse the reckless endangerment of children!”

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