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The threat of getting fired – let alone actually being fired – sucks. That’s just what the weathered salesmen of James Foley‘s 1992 classic face when their sales dip below average. Enter the messenger- a.k.a. angel of termination- Alec Baldwin. Love him or hate him, this thespian has the most memorable moment in a film brimming over with acting greatness. Watching Baldwin rip into legendary actor Jack Lemmon for taking too long to make a cup of joe is a thing of beauty- or the way he punks out Ed Harris for questioning the validity of his visit. Before Tina Fey made the guy a TV comedy juggernaut, Baldwin was whetting his teeth on incredible David Mamet scripts like this one or Lee Tamahori‘s The Edge, and doing an admirable job on all counts. Just witness as he lays waste to the room, a corporate monster with zero remorse. No one does better in a verbal fistfight, delivering ass-chewing rants for the record books. You could say Alec perforates the scene like the sharpest steak knife in the set which serves as second prize.

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