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Great Scenes – BLIND BEAST

A revelation, a movie that deserves wider recognition, Yasuzo Masumura’s Blind Beast [Môjû] (1969) is a psycho-sexual, visually arresting romp through the looking glass. Adapted from the work of the Japanese author who called himself Edogawa Rampo (say it quickly to understand the tribute), Blind Beast is a twisted, artsy take on stockholm syndrome via the tale of a blind sculptor (Eiji Funakoshi) who kidnaps a woman (Mako Midori) after overhearing how beautiful she is. Part of the underground Japanese Pinku film genre, Môjû is less concerned with violence or nudity than it is character, mood, and visuals, emerging as a dark playground for ideas on the nature of beauty, desire and empathy. Check out this scene, where the sculptor chases his hostage through his creepy body-part workshop / inner chamber, and tell me you don’t want to see this amazing, surreal film.

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