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Great Scences – TOP SECRET

A full-on parody of the spy pictures of old, Top Secret! is comedy unhinged courtesy of Zucker-Abrams-Zucker, the men responsible for the Airplane! movies. This film, at all costs, wants to make you laugh. You gotta admire a film packed with so much content it bursts from the seams. Even if a few of the jokes fall flat (a’la the Farrelly Brothers) the end result is delightful. Inspired and filled to the brim with gags and rapid fire jokes, it proved to be quite hard picking one scene that stood above the rest. Eventually I kept coming back to one scene – the underwater fight.  As a child, I would marvel at the scene: “How’d they do it?” “How long did it take?” Today I still marvel at it’s craft, even if I can call out how the gags work. It’s inspired, on paper and in execution, and something godfather-of-farce Mel Brooks would be proud of.


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