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A simple diaper run becomes one of the greatest chases ever put on the silver screen in the Coen brothers’ classic comedy ‘Raisng Arizona’.  Hi, played to perfection by a unpredictable Nic Cage, is a felon who’s very familiar with prison life.  A repeat offender who not only marries the cop (the bat shit crazy Holly Hunter) who took his mug shot, he also kidnaps an infant from a wealthy family in the hopes of one day raising a family.  After stopping at a local corner store for some Huggies, Hi falls into old habits when he tries to get the diapers for free using the classic gun/panty hose combo. This, of course, is where things go south.  From here, we are strung along like a rag-doll by the brilliant camera work of then-cinematographer, Barry Sonnenfeld and the solid action directing from the Coen brothers.  Layers of action and comedy peel away with a perfect effortlessness that even most pure action films can never hope to achieve. As chaotic as it gets, the audience will never get lost in the action, and believe me, it gets chaotic. A remarkable kitchen sink of a chase scene, Hi’s run is for the ages.  It’s pure madcap bliss.  Enjoy.

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