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Great Scenes – WEEK END

Here’s a scene from Jean-Luc Godard‘s Week End (1967) – an anarchic, cerebral look at the ridiculousness of mankind, circa 1960’s. Say what you will about his politics (and if you like our facebook page you might have seen this link where other directors do), but there is little doubt to the fact that Godard could stage a compelling scene when he wanted to. I’m definitely a fan of the man’s early films, especially Breathless and Pierrot le Fou, and of course of this unbelievably well-choreographed scene – not quite a single take but close enough – in which the banality of everyday life is exposed by the simplicity of two good looking Parisians’ quest to “get away,” oblivious to the death and destruction that surrounds them. Ahh, civilization – Ahh, humanity; poor pathetic fools… Enjoy your weekend!

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