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Got a big deadline looming so for the time being I’m concentrating on our Great Scenes series – and this one comes from director Shûsuke Kaneko, who in the 90’s attempted to usher the kaiju into the next century, resulting in 3 very entertaining Gamera movies. Today’s scene comes from Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (1999) – by far the most impressive and ambitious (and IMO greatest) of all giant lizard films, full of elaborate special effects using CGI in conjunction with the standard rubber-suit fun. Check out this scene, in which Gamera takes on the flying pterodactyl-like Gyaos, which attempts to “realistically” depict the collateral damage wreaked by behemoths running through an urban landscape. Especially cool is the massive fireball explosion, in which the silhouettes of bodies rise into the sky – something later copied by everyone and their grandmother, but pioneered by Kaneko here!

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