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Great Scenes – BELLS OF DEATH

Sorry for the recent lack of posts – heavy workload been weighing down on me. But until we can return to our normal dependable pace, enjoy this scene from a stylish, little-seen Wu Xia from director Feng Yueh, 1968’s The Bells of Death. Featuring fantastic direction, stylized characters – including a bad guy with a flat nose and awesome tic (played by Tin Sam) – and some unique touches throughout, it’s definitely worth your time. Check out how the candles become a clever device in this duel scene, to not only add some tension to what would otherwise be standard swordplay, but to also motivate the lighting, as little spotlights travel around the room as if cast by the candles themselves. Oh yeah – and you gotta love the requisite filmed-in-reverse moments (which help actor Chang Yi accomplish the otherwise impossible feat) that are a staple of every good Shaw Bros. film.


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