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Great Scenes – THE DEAD POOL

An odd moment occurs in Buddy Van Horn‘s The Dead Pool (1988) – the fifth and final installment of the gritty Dirty Harry saga – when a then-unknown Jim Carrey lip-syncs to Guns N Roses‘ ‘Welcome To The Jungle‘ and brings all the dramatic grit and gristle to a screeching halt. Yeah, let’s let that sink in – Jim Carrey as a junkie in a neon-lit MTV-meets-In Living Color sketch straight out of left field. To add to the WTFunk, Liam Neeson plays the high strung director annoyed by a half-assed crew and willing to let junkie Carrey score for the benefit of his precious 80’s MTVid. Can you say odd contrast?! While I’m sure that back in the day the scene was meant to be played straight and not for laughs, time has made this scene pretty damn funny, an unintentional moment of meta- that’ll never play the way it shoulda-.

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