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Our Halloween hangover continues with this greasy piece of gruesome fluff courtesy of schlock-meister Antony Balch, Britain’s answer to the Roger Cormans, Herschell Gordon Lewis‘s, and Stuart Gordons of American film – we’ll call them the lowbrow auteurs. Just check out this incredibly hokey opening – from 1973’s Horror Hospital (a.k.a. Computer Killers [!?]) – which has more decapitations per square midget than any other film in history (apologies to anyone offended by that last sentence but I’m pretty sure it’s true even without the benefit of googling it). Pretty fantastic stuff! I mean, as they say at the Isle – “How can you scoff at a film starring Gough?” I should apologize for that last one too – we’ve never actually said that – not at, on, near, or even around the Isle.


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