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Posts from — April 2012

Great Scenes – DEAD & BURIED

With Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus scheduled to land June 8, 2012, we thought we’d throw some logs onto the hype bonfire with some Alien-related film coverage leading up to the return of what shall hitherto be known as “THE FRANCHISE” (all apologies to ex-Houston Rocket point guard Steve Francis). So what does 1981’s Dead & Buried, directed by Gary Sherman, a Twilight Zone-y piece of unassuming pulp have to do with the upcoming sci-fi (fingers crossed) opus? Only that it was scripted by the team that brought you the first Alien (1979) – Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett! Check out the opening scene in this crazy creepy movie – in which a photographer finds a half-clad Lisa Blount innocently loitering on a picturesque beach. But be forewarned: there’s nudity. And a twist that’ll make you feel even ickier than the soft-porn lead-up!

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April 25, 2012   1 Comment

Great Scenes – BATTLE ROYALE

I’m super stoked – with The Hunger Games exploding across our nation’s screens (and merchandise available everywhere) I get a chance to once again revisit Battle Royale – one of the finest films ever made, period. The last film by maestro Kinji Fukasaku (see our previous review here), it’s a risky, thought-provoking action film full of no-good kids who need a comeuppance and bitter adults putting them through a heaviness that’s missing in their too-easy lives. This movie does what all great satires do – it entertains while being SCARY – with Takeshi Kitano’s blank-faced disregard for human life embodying all that we fear in our authority figures – namely a personally motivated sadism! BR is loaded with fantastic scenes but this is one of the best – and by the end of these 8 minutes you know for certain the game is on for reals. Moshi moshi!!!


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April 18, 2012   1 Comment

Great Scenes – THE CHURCH

We’re back!! After a brief hiatus in which my wife and I picked up and moved from NYC to LA – our freaked out cat in tow – we’re finally settled in and ready to begin anew! But enough about boring ol’ me – let’s get back to celebrating the thing we love here at Isle of Cinema - movies! Today we feature for your delight a great scene from Michele Soavi‘s La Chiesa (The Church), a movie which I rushed out to buy back in days of VHS after seeing the masterpiece that was Dellamorte, Dellamore (Cemetery Man). And while ultimately The Church cannot compare to the glory of Dellamorte, Dellamore (part of the “zombie new wave” which includes Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive and Sam Raimi‘s Evil Dead II), it nevertheless has some incredible moments and fantastic camerawork which make it worthy of your time. Check out this ambitious opening in which Soavi – a protege of Dario Argento – exhibits his usual genre-blending and kinetic “flying eye.” A nice way of getting us back on track and rewarding you for bearing with us! Check back for more transmissions from the Isle of Cinema – now broadcasting from Hollywoodland

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