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Great Scenes – CREATURE

Nobody’s arguing that this shameless Alien knockoff is any good. But the fact of the matter is that it’s not totally unwatchable either. There are several redeeming factors in William Malone‘s Creature (1985) – namely the presence of scenery chewing Klaus Kinski in a teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy role, some serviceable Fangoria moments that’ll satisfy gorehounds, and above all – wait for it – the presence of an exploding head! Which of course brings the grand total in IOC‘s boom-capitation series to six (6) – and we haven’t even begun to look at the Scanners trilogy and spin-offs yet! The story of a space crew that travels to Titan and inadvertently awakens a creature who’s been sleeping for like a million centuries is one I’d recommend to horror completists only – or cellulo-masochists who enjoy flicks like Troll 2. This scene, however, is a different story – so if you can stand a bit of gore feast your eyes on some ‘splodin’ noodles.

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Great Scenes – DISTRICT 9

district 9

Continuing with our Exploding Heads series, we bring you 2009’s District 9, Neill Blomkamp‘s go-for-broke big-screen debut. When people die in this film, they die horribly – limbs flying hither and tither, aliens popping like balloons, and yes indeed – heads exploding. More than once. In case you haven’t seen the film here’s the plot in a nutshell: aliens (known locally as ‘Prawns’) have landed on Earth – South Africa to be exact – and they are in poor shape. We humans have set aside ‘districts’ to keep them in order, or better yet away from us. With that Apartheid vibe locked firmly in place we have our particular exploding head scene, as Poor Wikus Van De Merwe (played masterfully by Sharlto Copley) is tasked to relocate the ‘Prawns,’ from one district to another. He learns rather quickly this will be no easy task, and to complicate matters, he himself is slowly becoming a Prawn, thanks to Alien “black goo” (Take that Prometheus)! (moral of both stories: don’t touch alien stuff). To further complicate matters, some superstitious human locals believe that by eating his newly formed Prawn arm they will gain magical powers. Crazy, right? Seconds away from having his arm eaten, Wikus needs a miracle. And it comes in the form of some new-found Prawn friends, and the human tendency to stockpile weapons, even if they can only be operated by aliens. Yay! Human greed comes to Wikus’ rescue! Enjoy the mech madness – the head pop comes at the 1:05 mark.

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Fist of the North Star (1995) director Tony Randel is an interesting figure – a Roger Corman disciple who specializes in delivering intriguing special effects on the cheap, he somehow found his way into directing Hellraiser II (1988) – a guilty pleasure packed with high-value/low-cost spectacle – and somehow also found his way into directing this low-budget adaptation of the popular manga. And while it’s by no means a good movie, FOTNS is an interesting relic from a year when Japanese film company TOEI was promoting itself with a rash of B-movies aimed at American home video – films which include 1995’s No Way Back (starring a young Russell Crowe) and 1995’s Crying Freeman (directed by Brotherhood of the Wolf director Christophe Gans). It’s an otherwise awful flick which pairs an anti-charismatic unknown (Gary Daniels) with an overabundance of hammy actors (Malcolm McDowellChris Penn and Clint Howard), but this is a fun scene, enhanced by clever prosthetics and laughable kung-fu. And of course it fits snugly into our exploding head series. Enjoy – and please resist seeking out the full feature – unless you’re a ciné-masochist.


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Great Scenes – BATTLE ROYALE

I’m super stoked – with The Hunger Games exploding across our nation’s screens (and merchandise available everywhere) I get a chance to once again revisit Battle Royale – one of the finest films ever made, period. The last film by maestro Kinji Fukasaku (see our previous review here), it’s a risky, thought-provoking action film full of no-good kids who need a comeuppance and bitter adults putting them through a heaviness that’s missing in their too-easy lives. This movie does what all great satires do – it entertains while being SCARY – with Takeshi Kitano’s blank-faced disregard for human life embodying all that we fear in our authority figures – namely a personally motivated sadism! BR is loaded with fantastic scenes but this is one of the best – and by the end of these 8 minutes you know for certain the game is on for reals. Moshi moshi!!!


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