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Great Scenes – THE CAT

Today’s scene comes to you from director ‘s The Cat [Lao Mao] (1992) starring Shaw Brothers veteran Philip Kwok as one of a group of Nicely-Suited-Hitmen (movies in the 90’s were legally required to feature NSH’s) who stumble upon a mysterious creature that appears to be a cross between The Blob and The Thing, with little white hairlike tendrils that somehow amp up the heebie jeebies (Hong Kong films of the 90’s always amped up the HJ’s). Let me preface things by stating that this is one of the tamer scenes from the movie. Lam also directed Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)which will give you a sense of the weirdness you’re in for. Quick inventory:  haunted house (√), cheesy effects (√), an ex-Five Deadly Venom (√), limbs torn asunder (√√√) all  punctuated by foreign entities invading orifices (√). And for the diligent fan of oddity cinema, there’s even a bodily possession shot recalling Goke: Body Snatcher from Hell (√√√√√√)! What the Hell else could you ask for? Subtitles? If you think that’s gonna help make sense of this chaos you haven’t been paying attention!

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Great Scenes – CREATURE

Nobody’s arguing that this shameless Alien knockoff is any good. But the fact of the matter is that it’s not totally unwatchable either. There are several redeeming factors in William Malone‘s Creature (1985) – namely the presence of scenery chewing Klaus Kinski in a teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy role, some serviceable Fangoria moments that’ll satisfy gorehounds, and above all – wait for it – the presence of an exploding head! Which of course brings the grand total in IOC‘s boom-capitation series to six (6) – and we haven’t even begun to look at the Scanners trilogy and spin-offs yet! The story of a space crew that travels to Titan and inadvertently awakens a creature who’s been sleeping for like a million centuries is one I’d recommend to horror completists only – or cellulo-masochists who enjoy flicks like Troll 2. This scene, however, is a different story – so if you can stand a bit of gore feast your eyes on some ‘splodin’ noodles.

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Great Scenes – ARENA

We’re easing back into things after a hectic couple of weeks here at IOC with the little-seen Arena (1989) – a movie directed by Peter Manoogian starring a variety of familiar soap and b-grade actors (Paul Satterfield, Claudia Christian, Marc Alaimo, etc.) in the story of an intergalactic fighting competition where a human underdog finds himself outmatched by larger, evil-er aliens and a corrupt governing body. Here’s a scene in which our Rocky-light hero (who looks more like Ivan Drago) takes on a pretty cool looking creature which was unfortunately designed to hide the fact that it can’t move – making it more painfully obvious every time they cut to it. Still, it’s a good deal of ridiculous and cheesy fun, from a bygone era before bad computer fx replaced bad practical fx.


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Great Scenes – DEAD & BURIED

With Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus scheduled to land June 8, 2012, we thought we’d throw some logs onto the hype bonfire with some Alien-related film coverage leading up to the return of what shall hitherto be known as “THE FRANCHISE” (all apologies to ex-Houston Rocket point guard Steve Francis). So what does 1981’s Dead & Buried, directed by Gary Sherman, a Twilight Zone-y piece of unassuming pulp have to do with the upcoming sci-fi (fingers crossed) opus? Only that it was scripted by the team that brought you the first Alien (1979) – Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett! Check out the opening scene in this crazy creepy movie – in which a photographer finds a half-clad Lisa Blount innocently loitering on a picturesque beach. But be forewarned: there’s nudity. And a twist that’ll make you feel even ickier than the soft-porn lead-up!

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