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Great Scenes – FUTURE COPS

Wong Jing‘s particular brand of broad brainless comedy is hard to swallow in bucketfuls, but in little bite-sized chunks it makes for the perfect snack – which is why he’s a recurring guest in our great scenes section (see here and here). Today’s scene comes from Future Cops (1993), starring Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Chingmy Yau as an assorted cast of humans who for some reason morph into Street Fighter characters to stop an evildoer from the future. And if that doesn’t seem ridiculous enough, there’re also lasers, whirlwind kicks, some insane wire-work featuring flying single-occupant vehicles with Gatling guns (somebody needs to bring these back stat!), poorly constructed exterior walls, and of course an overabundance of your standard “hilarious” Hong Kong “na-ni-na-ni-boo-boo” hi jinx!

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October 3, 2011   No Comments

Guilty Gut-Gopherin’ Goodness – BLOODSPORT

Gopher de gut, Chong Li ‘zweek in the gut.

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September 29, 2011   1 Comment

Great Scenes – BACK TO SCHOOL

There’s no easy way to segue from Tarkovsky to Dangerfield, so I won’t even try. If you haven’t seen Alan Metter‘s completely ridiculous Back to School (1986), in which cult of personality Rodney Dangerfield returns to college, you owe it to yourself to waste 90 minutes of your life with it. It’s that rare film that adds up to less than it’s individual parts – because even though it pains my film school pretension to admit it, it was incredibly hard for me to pick just one from so many great scenes. I mean, do I choose the scene where standup comedy legend Sam Kinison plays Vietnam-vet Prof. Turgeson and target=”_blank”>chews out an innocent coed? Or Kurt Vonnegut‘s target=”_blank”>hilarious cameo? Nope. I think anyone who’s scene it knows what the highlight of this king of films has to be: the Triple Lindy – a climax as silly and ridiculous as the Man himself. Enjoy.

[admin. note: unfortunately, embedding has been disabled, so you’ll have follow the link to see the clip – totally worth the extra second!]

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June 27, 2011   3 Comments

Great Bad Movie – THE MANSTER

THE MANSTER is entertaining, educational, and only a little bit racist!

What’s up with me and movies where two heads share one body? I love ‘em! Guess it gets a little lonely up here, with my one head, and it’d be nice to have someone to talk to on long subway rides. But though it would have you believe it’s about the duality of heads, at its core this movie is a time capsule – of good-ol’-fashioned American values – like orientalism and xenophobia. See, a nice American reporter in Japan falls under the sway of an evil Japanese doctor, who gives him a potion that turns him into half man, half monster – and total asshole! Soon he cuts off all communication with his beautiful American fiancee, is plain rude to his American friends, and descends into drink and decadence – courtesy of those irresistible Japanese geishas! But good woman that she is, his fiancee crosses the Pacific to fight for her man – and what results is mad-science at its finest, punctuated by theremin and ambient beeping and highlighted by cave mutants, bad over-the-top acting, and an evil doctor who walks around explaining what he’s about to do! Pure hokum – you’ll laugh your heads off!

May 12, 2010   No Comments

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