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Classic Coburn Comedy – THE PRESIDENT’S ANALYST

THE PRESIDENT’S ANALYST is a worthy relic from an era when computers filled up entire rooms.

Writer/Director Theodore J. Flicker’s 1967 satire of cold-war politics is criminally neglected, showcasing the singular talents of the late, great James Coburn, who shines in the role of Dr. Sidney Schaefer, a brilliant analyst and head-shrink to the stars. So brilliant in fact is Dr. Schaeffer that he’s offered the coveted position of president’s analyst. He accepts the dream job only to find he’s in WAY over his head – as sole possessor of all of the president’s dirt, several countries will stop at nothing to extract it from the poor doctor. While scrambling for his life he comes across, and is aided by, some of the greatest mix of characters ever displayed in a satire or parody. It’s a futuristic (at the time) world of high espionage, governmental back-stabbings, and groovy 60’s psychedelica – with one rule above all: never trust the phone company. And I do mean never.

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