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Writer-Director Joon-Hwan Jang brings us one crazy freakin’ movie. Save the Green Planet! (2003) feels like an unholy mix of Terry Gilliam and David Lynch, with that unique South Korean derangement thrown in for good measure. Our protagonist (Ha-kyun Shin) is a lonely, alien-obsessed loon who kidnaps his boss and subjects him to torture in order to get him to admit he is part of a first wave of alien invaders. It’s a wacky portrait of insanity that is by turns hilarious and terrifying. Check out the following scene, in which an undercover officer (Jae-yong Lee) investigating the boss’s disappearance stumbles onto our hero… and gets a sticky ending.

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KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE is deranged & inspired entertainment of the highest order.

God bless the Chiodo brothers for making this movie. This 1988 mash-up of alien invasion movies is a staple of midnight cinema, a gem of 80’s nastiness, and quite simply like nothing you’ll ever see again. The sustained conceit – of an alien clown species which may or may not have inspired the invention of clowns here on Earth – is what truly elevates the film and separates it from the Critters and Ghoulies of the 1980’s, and makes it a timeless must-see movie. Let me clarify – this is not a so-bad-it’s-good situation: it’s a truly fun, creative movie, with plenty of clever riffs on genre conventions and clichés. Not only do these FX gurus deliver spectacle on a budget, they pour their love for movies like The Blob, Invaders from Mars, and other 1950s science fiction into the story. The plot itself is simple – malevolent aliens arrive from outer space and set up a big top, then proceed to terrorize the locals with acid-pie fights, ventriloquist acts, and cotton candy galore. You name it – if it’s clown related it’s here! There’s some slightly annoying comic relief in the form of two bumbling ice cream salesmen which threatens to rain on the parade (pardon the almost-pun) but if you can get over that, you’ll find the rest of the film full of fun, creative creature design, gorgeous matte paintings, and a sense of creepy nastiness that can’t be emulated, and perfectly captures the spirit of independent genre filmmaking.

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