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Great Scenes – PUMPING IRON

The legend of Ah-nuld really begins here, with George Butler & Robert Fiore‘s infamous muscle movie Pumping Iron, a 1977 documentary in which the Austrian über-Republican’s larger than life egoism and ridiculous physique take center stage. This scene especially – where he gleefully recounts his manipulation of an admiring competitor – perfectly captures the blasé devastation Arnold leaves in his wake. A vision of what uncut Id might look like, he has one thing in mind – to conquer whatever’s in front of him: women, competition, the English language (still working on that one), more women, the hapless Lou Ferrigno, even more women, and whoever thinks he might not be the greatest thing to ever walk the Earth. Before John Milius saw him as Conan the Barbarian, before James Cameron would cast him as The Terminator and make him an icon, it’s clear the man was a brutal machine determined to become a star, no matter the cost.

And as an added bonus I couldn’t resist linking this video: Arnold’s commentary. Enjoy!

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November 30, 2011   1 Comment

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