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It takes a truly awful movie to reach the dizzying heights achieved by Yilmaz Atadeniz‘s Yilmayan Seytan [aka Deathless Devil] (1973). You wouldn’t be able to ever plan the sublime weirdness that comes from overly ambitious and under-talented Turkish filmmakers staging a low-budget exploitation super-hero movie. You just have to thank your lucky celluloid stars they did it. Bask in the illogical insanity as the prodigiously-mustached Dr. Satan [Erol Tas] traps the kindly Professor [Yalin Tolga] and kills his heroic nicely-mustached bodyguard. How much do I love this scene? Let me count the ways: first there’s the entrance, in which Dr. Satan bows, then walks all the way across the room to take his mark… then there’s the moment where the bodyguard reveals that he’s been hiding off frame, though given the room size he MUST have clearly been in plain view. Then there’s the funny business with the robot-summoning button – and an ensuing back-up button cleverly placed not far from the first. And of course there’s the hulking robot quietly creeping up on the good guy, and crushing him quite unconvincingly as the professor reacts with the most hilarious head in hand ever. And finally, my favorite moment – where Dr. Satan subtly asks the actor playing his henchman to move to a different mark  – “Stand there!” – after all, these guys don’t want to waste another take on this scene – film must have been very expensive in Turkey!

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