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So what if some of the jokes are recycled and cheesy - Black Dynamite (2009) is just plain lots of fun. Directed by Scott Sanders, it feels a lot like the Michael Jai White show. The martial artist proves himself to be a talented comedian, and brings a great deal of charisma and energy to every frame of celluloid he’s in. He’s so freakin’ good that even when some of the plot drags towards the third act he’s evolving the schtick and making small moments memorable. Check out this early scene where Dynamite gets some bad news in the midst of his kung-fu training – a scene which would make Peter Sellers proud. Starring familiar faces Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davidson, and Kym Whitley, Black Dynamite is now also an animated series on Adult Swim.

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October 9, 2012   2 Comments

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