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Great Scenes – CHOPPING MALL

Jim Wynorski‘s fabulously ridiculous Chopping Mall (1986) is by no means a great film, but with its zany premise, technicolor lasers, trash-can robots and scantily clad teenagers running through carpeted malls it IS eminently watchable, largely due to scenes like this one. Exploding heads aren’t really done this way anymore – which makes me nostalgic, for an era when low budget genre films were packed full of love, practical FX, and a heaping helping of camp. All the Human Centipede’s, Snakes on a Plane’s and Machete‘s can’t touch these diamonds from the age of VHS hokum. Starring genre legends Dick Miller, Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov and produced by Julie Corman (Roger’s daughter), Chopping Mall throws John Hughes, George Romero and James Cameron into a pot and adds The Black Hole or Star Wars robot rejects (designed by Robert Short, who also worked on E.T.) before stirring in the cheese. That’s what you call pedigree – quality sleaze which leaves your eye-sockets greasy. Watch it again – it never gets old! And stay tuned for more exploding heads soon!

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