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Brett Easton Ellis‘ novel was a first person account of the 1980’s through the eyes and ears of a Wall Street yuppie who happens to be a serial killer. It was gruesome, sadistic, pornographic and excessive, and it outraged everyone when it was finally published in 1991 (after several book publishers dropped it). Mary Harron‘s 2000 adaptation of American Psycho is that rare instance when a film surpasses the text upon which it is based, in large part thanks to the outstanding performance of Christian Bale. This great scene, in which Patrick Bateman‘s world collapses when he discovers there are business card decisions better than the ones he’s made, is one of the best in a movie filled with great scenes – offering us a glimpse of the quivering insanity lying beneath the envy and competitiveness which we might recognize as our everyday American status quo.

(For some reason Lion’s Gate has disabled embedding on this video, so you’ll be taken to youtube to see it. Sorry.)

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