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Great Zombie Flick – CEMETERY MAN

CEMETERY MAN is the last in the holy trinity of the zombie new wave (alongside Evil Dead 2 and Dead Alive).

Also known as Dellamorte Dellamore, this 1994 Italian production directed by Dario Argento protegee Michele Soavi, is an existential delight, a horror film which embraces the Pirandellian tradition – wherein suffering characters are hyper-aware of themselves as just that – characters. Rupert Everett turns in a Bruce Campbell-caliber performance as Francesco Dellamorte, a lonely graveyard attendant (whom everyone calls “architect” for some reason) who discovers that the dead in his graveyard rise 7 days after being buried (an homage to 1958’s I Bury the Living perhaps?). The town’s bureaucracy can’t help him, so he finds himself having to “re-kill” the dead with the help of his trusted assistant, Gnaghi – an Addams’ Family reject. But soon the lines between the dead and the living become blurred, as does Dellamorte’s sanity. The subplot involving the beautiful Anna Falchi as a mystery woman who appears as several different characters (both dead and living) brings to mind Luis Bunuel and further enhances the surreal overtones. Add to that a mind-blowing ending and what you have is a lowbrow zombie flick treading some seriously highbrow water. Plus it’s got tons of nudity! There’s been a long rumored sequel/remake in the works, based on the same source material- the Italian Dylan Dog comic. But it’s doubtful it’ll be as good as this genre classic.

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