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SPACE TRUCKERS is an enjoyable b-movie space romp from an era before CGI ruined everything.

Say what you will about the quality of this ambitious Stuart Gordon 1996 effort, but you can’t fault it for not being entertaining. It’s not the most original or well-written movie, as a galaxy-hopping average joe becomes embroiled in a plot to create a super soldier which may backfire and destroy the world – but the acting is good (courtesy of Dennis Hopper, Stephen Dorff and Debi Mazar) and the effects are above par. In fact if you’re as sick of CGI as I am then this is the perfect movie for you, filled with old-fashioned practical effects – monsters made of latex, model space-ships, and camera tricks from the days of old. The movie even plays up its low budget, as wires are left purposely visible in scenes with “weightless” bottles floating around. All in all you get the feeling Gordon and crew are just having fun, and it translates to the viewer. Plus where else are you gonna get to see a “square pig” – the future of the pork industry?

May 19, 2010   No Comments

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