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Great Scenes – HELLRAISER

We’re gearing up for Halloween with one (pun intended) hell of a movie! I’ve always loved the literature of Clive Barker – dark, fantastical and vastly underrated, he’s like an inter-dimensional H.P. Lovecraft. As a director, Hellraiser (1987) is by far Barker’s best attempt at bringing his vision to the screen (Bernard Rose‘s Candyman ranks high as well) – and right from the opening it succeeds in capturing some of the strangeness that permeates his written work. And though by now the franchise has been watered down beyond recognition (with 11 films and counting), it’s well worth looking back at the first appearance of the legendary box which opens a portal to pleasure and pain – and of course the adorable Cenobites that inhabit that world – to ease us into the witching season.

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