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We on the isle have already espoused our love for underrated Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia (here), and we will probably go on doing so as long as he continues making his particular brand of dark comedy (why isn’t The Last Circus available on DVD yet? the target=”_blank”>trailer‘s great!) A master at using great opening scenes to hook his viewers, de la Iglesia’s 2004 outing, El Crimen Ferpecto (The Perfect Crime) employs a quirky prologue to introduce its hero Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) – a shallow, womanizing department store clerk with a consuming ambition for becoming store manager. The quintessential big fish in a little pond, Rafael is evil incarnate – a slimy salesman we universally recognize and detest – the materialistic id in all of us – and watching his fall is what makes the rest of the film so enjoyable. But none of it would work if we didn’t like him, so despite being a rather despicable character we immediately identify with him – thanks to the near-mythical reverence this other, even more despicable douchebag (Carolo Ruiz) attributes him. Genius.

[admin warning: there is some T&A in this clip. NSFW!]

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