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Great Scenes – LADY IS THE BOSS

I recently went to see RZA‘s Man with the Iron Fists (2012) hoping for a glimpse of that old Shaw Brothers magic I love so well – and though it was undoubtedly watchable, I was disappointed that besides for a fantastic title sequence and the brief presence of Chen Kuan Tai and Gordon Liu, it seemed to be missing the LOVE I expected to see from a genre fan and Wu-Tang man. So like an addict I ran home and popped in the nearest Lau Kar Leung flick, Lady is the Boss (1983) – by no means a great film save for this amazing ending, which features the director’s company (many of them his students) referencing the hits in a medley of manic action. We get Venom Sun Chien kicking formal ass (in bow tie) against perennial monk Gordon Liu, escalating into more self-referential goodness when Mad Monkey Hsiao Hou bursts on the scene with some insane acrobatics. And watching the ending, in which Sifu Leung faces off against Wang Lung Wei, I realize why I love these movies so much – because they feature actual ACTING, moments of reality where actors react to wounds, or hesitate before taking a new strategy, or reach for a nearby dumbell to use as a weapon – which give the fighting a realism rarely seen in modern martial arts, where everything’s choreographed to the point of boredom and directors have to turn to indulgence like slo-motion, ridiculous split screen, or over-the-top gore to maintain our interest. No thanks. I’ll take LKL and the Brothers Shaw anyday.

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November 20, 2012   2 Comments

Great Scenes – THE MASTER

Today we’re featuring the movie everyone’s talking about – The Master. Personally I don’t know why Paul Thomas Anderson would ever remake this 1980 Shaw Bros classic directed by Chin-Ku Lu, starring Chen Kuan Tai, and introducing Yuen Tak in his first starring role (he would go on to become one of Hong Kong’s top action choreographers). And watching the upcoming target=”_blank”>trailer, PT Anderson’s The Master seems a bit light on the kung-fu razzmatazz – guess he’s taking it in a different direction. Oh well – guess we’ll just have to wait and see when it comes out. Anyway, today’s great scene features Chen Kuai Tai as the Master, fighting off his nemeses (plural), the 3 Evil Masters (which is what the film is Also-Known-As), which of course prompts the student to avenge him. And though Joaquin Phoenix will no doubt prove himself a better actor than Mr. Tak, I gotta come out and say it – Philip Seymour Hoffman is no Wang Lung Wei.

In all seriousness, we are extremely stoked to see the other The Master as well! Hope it also has a groin-splitting scene in it!

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September 11, 2012   No Comments

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