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KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE is deranged & inspired entertainment of the highest order.

God bless the Chiodo brothers for making this movie. This 1988 mash-up of alien invasion movies is a staple of midnight cinema, a gem of 80’s nastiness, and quite simply like nothing you’ll ever see again. The sustained conceit – of an alien clown species which may or may not have inspired the invention of clowns here on Earth – is what truly elevates the film and separates it from the Critters and Ghoulies of the 1980’s, and makes it a timeless must-see movie. Let me clarify – this is not a so-bad-it’s-good situation: it’s a truly fun, creative movie, with plenty of clever riffs on genre conventions and clichés. Not only do these FX gurus deliver spectacle on a budget, they pour their love for movies like The Blob, Invaders from Mars, and other 1950s science fiction into the story. The plot itself is simple – malevolent aliens arrive from outer space and set up a big top, then proceed to terrorize the locals with acid-pie fights, ventriloquist acts, and cotton candy galore. You name it – if it’s clown related it’s here! There’s some slightly annoying comic relief in the form of two bumbling ice cream salesmen which threatens to rain on the parade (pardon the almost-pun) but if you can get over that, you’ll find the rest of the film full of fun, creative creature design, gorgeous matte paintings, and a sense of creepy nastiness that can’t be emulated, and perfectly captures the spirit of independent genre filmmaking.

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