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Great Scenes – SORCERER


What ever happened to real dirt in film? There are exceptions, but it seems like somewhere along the way filmmakers stopped using actual grime and started painting it on. That was the first thing I noticed about ‘s Sorcerer – these dudes look terrible! And I love it! This 1977 remake (the original being ‘s 1953 masterpiece The Wages of Fear) about four criminals hiding in Nicaragua and risking their lives for a few thousand pesos is absolutely worth your time, but this scene is something really special. There’s dynamite leaking nitroglycerin in the back of a truck and here are the dudes just crazy enough to inch it across a broken bridge in the middle of a storm. These men have each done something horrible, but as we see them drive through the jungle, they move beyond their past and become nothing more than desperate human beings. This scene captures a lot of the essence of the films’ grit and emotion while simultaneously delivering some serious thrills. Pay attention to the sounds – is that wind, or a howling otherworldly monster? These men are obsessed with getting their money and in their attempt to bend nature to their will they are beaten down to their most primal emotions. Watch the battle between nature and progress rage outside while the battle between determination and common sense boils within.


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March 13, 2013   5 Comments

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