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Great Scenes – RUBIN & ED

Who the hell needs HFR and 3-D technology to sweeten the movie-going experience when you’ve got cult comedies like Trent Harris‘s Rubin & Ed (1991), starring the original George McFly and Dr. Johnny Fever (Crispin Glover and Howard Hesseman). This buddy pic about a pair of lovable losers on the road looking to bury Simon (Rubin’s cat, packed in ice) is the type of flick that got so many of us into independent cinema in the 90’s. Check out this dream sequence, which features the oft-quoted Video-clerk truism “My cat can eat a whoooole watermelon!” Loaded with quirk and featuring fantastic performances, it’s a unique experience that leaps off the screen – and which helped cement Crispin Helion Glover as the prince of hipster freak-shows! Seek it out! Karen Black‘s in it too!

And watch this train wreck of a Letterman interview, conducted in 1987, in which Helion appears in character as Rubin – which must have confused Letterman greatly, given the movie wasn’t released until nearly 4 years later! Painful!

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