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To celebrate the start of football season, here’s the ridiculously over the top opening to Tony Scott‘s The Last Boy Scout (1991), a guilty pleasure written by 90’s super-scribe Shane Black. In fact this buddy movie in which a detective (Bruce Willis) teams up with a disgraced pro football player (Damon Wayans) was the first script to earn a million dollars, making the man a screenwriting legend. And as insane as the idea of a football player packing heat on field may have seemed when it was made, in today’s era of sensational violence, when the marriage of firearms and sports is commonplace, it’s feeling ever slightly more foreboding, like some as-of-yet-unrealized instance of life imitating art (heaven’s forbid!). So here’s hoping we keep this sort of thing fictional and get through this upcoming season with a minimum of violence and gunplay – you hear that, Plaxico?

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