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Great Comic Book Adaptation – DANGER: DIABOLIK

DANGER: DIABOLIK was the greatest superhero movie of the last century.

Mario Bava injects the spirit of Giallo – which he helped create – into this Fumetti (how’s that for a pretentious sentence) to create one of the most memorable movies in the history of genre filmmaking. Played by John Phillip Law, Diabolik is the man, cooler than Batman and James Bond on their best days put together. I mean, the guy’s got matching leather body suits and sweet ass Jaguars! Plus he’s in a monogamous relationship, which frees him up to concentrate on what he does best – stealing! When they’re not foiling an unidentified European country’s attempts to NOT have their shit stolen, he and girlfriend Eva (played by the beautiful Marissa Mell) live in a secret underground lair on a gigantic circular bed, making love beneath a pile of money. But when a gangster named Valmont sets out to kill Diabolik – upset by the grief he’s bringing upon criminals everywhere – things get dicey. What Bava brings to the table is his horror mentality, complete with canted camera angles, crazy mood lighting, and creepy direction. Made in 1968, the movie reeks of its era, achieving an almost radioactive level of SWANK. But don’t take my word for it… you can tell how cool this movie is by its other fans. Check out this Beastie Boys tribute, in Body Movin’, which uses actual footage from the movie (contains SPOILERS):

…and the tribute to both Diabolik and Barbarella – another Dino De Laurentiis produced classic starring John Phillip Law – in Roman Coppola’s movie-within-a-movie, Dragonfly, from the very decent CQ:

It’s a must-see! Just check out this cool poster!

June 7, 2010   1 Comment

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