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Great Scenes – A DIRTY SHAME

Writer/Director and screen maverick John Waters brings us A Dirty Shame (2004), a wildly entertaining celebration of sexuality that doesn’t take itself too seriously and even achieves a sort of naive innocence as it skewers social mores. Starring the wonderful Tracey Ullman as Sylvia, an uptight and sexually frigid housewife, and featuring a host of pop personalities such as Patricia HearstChris Isaak and Johnny Knoxville, it’s a movie that creates a vibrant, loose tone that’s as free and liberal as its subject matter. It also takes so many risks that you can’t fault the ones that don’t pan out, and there’s enough visual eye-candy (including Selma Blair‘s over the top “Ursula Udders” boobs) to keep the viewer engaged. Check out this scene where Sylvia (Ullman) is bonked on the head by a passing truck and falls under the sway of Ray Ray (Knoxville), who seems to view her as some religious omen. It’s a perfect blend of the mundane and fantastic, capped off by a laughably undercooked CGI squirrel that might be mistaken for a Disney woodland creature.

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